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Most interior design trends come and go, yet some remain timeless and essentially unchanged over the generations. The classic style is undoubtedly one such enduring trend. This is hardly surprising as the focus here is not on transient colours and shapes, but rather on steadfast design and aesthetics. Alongside classic pieces of furniture, this look is complemented by elegant wallpapers.

It's time to enter the fascinating world of Palais Royal. A showcase of beauty, a stronghold of design and a space for outstanding taste. Experience these modern interpretations of classic, elegant and exceptional wallpapers in a spectrum of opulent colours.

The beautifully detailed motifs create a stunning sense of royal elegance. Exquisite decorations with a relief-style structure exude sophisticated opulence and lavish ambience. With their subtle shimmer, the motifs exude an unobtrusive shine and are evocative of pure silk.  The textile haptics are accentuated by the delicate tone-in-tone colour gradients.

The interplay of colours is just as seductive as the designs themselves. Opulent shades of gold and royal blue are blended with mystical nuances of cashmere and marsala red.


Until: 2021 | Material: Hot-embossed non-woven  wallpapers  | Contents: 37 wallpapers

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