Phtalate-free wallpapers by Erismann

We don’t stick to the old if there is a new solution – which is why we have developed our products and created an innovation:
phthalate-free blown vinyl and vinyl wallpapers.

The invisible innovation

In manufacturing PVC wallpapers, softening agents are used to improve softness and flexibility and render products exceptionally easy to process. These softening agents, however, often contain phthalates. The effect that phthalates have on humans and the environment is becoming an increasingly controversial topic.


Phthalates are classed among what are known as semi-volatile organic compounds, which may cause damage to health. Phthalates can be absorbed through air or food; toys and baby products are particularly under-fire. 

As Germany's first wallpaper manufacturer, Erismann has decided to break new ground by using a new raw material known as DINCH for almost all wallpapers. Since this softening agent has been proven highly effective, we are now using it to produce all our phthalates-free wallpapers whilst meeting the strict requirements of EU Directive 2005/84/EC for toys and baby products. 


We retained the characteristic features of blown vinyl and vinyl wall coverings, such as three dimensionality and pleasant tactile qualities so that our state-of-the-art products can be processed to their usual high standard.

Our customers' needs are our priority; modern design and a great ambiance: that is quality of life.

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