Our company’s headquarters are situated in one of Germany’s most beautiful regions: on the Upper Rhine between the Black Forest and the Vosges Mountains. This is one of the reasons why we are committed to protecting unspoiled habitats, and why we focus on careful interaction with nature and its valuable resources in all areas of our operations:

  • We only use purely water-based inks.
  • All residual ink is fed back into the production cycle.
  • Residual heat from the wallpaper drying system is used to heat all the company buildings.
  • Our production machines run on recovered energy. This saves energy and helps the environment.

Your living space is your habitat


That is why ecology and health in the home are top priorities for Erismann: Erismann wallpapers breathe! A comparison of our wallpapers with materials used as standard industry materials shows that Erismann wallpapers do not form a vapour barrier and therefore do not obstruct moisture exchange between inner and outer walls.

Our products not only comply with the regulations of European standards EN 233, EN 234, EN 259 and EN 266, they also meet the stringent requirements of the wallpaper quality control association (Gütegemeinschaft Tapete) and the RAL quality mark (GZ 479) for wallpaper see also www.ral.de

Testing for compliance with these regulations is carried out regularly by independent bodies, e.g. the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute, the German Federal Environment Agency etc., using the state of the art methods of analysis.