Wallpaper fusion of nature and elegance

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So many of us long for nature, for leaves, flowers, wood and stone. Since our daily interactions with nature are becoming less and less, it is making a big comeback indoors. Houseplants have once again become a prominent feature of our homes over the past few years, and furniture and home accessories are also taking on a natural look. Today, this “new naturality” is combined with other trends and used as accents. With the non-woven wallpapers of the Trésor collection, you can bring this new living trend into your home.

The intricately designed details of the Trésor collection exude pure elegance together with a naturally modern flair. Palm leaves, flowing waves, floral or stone motifs - all designs combine a natural look with a trendy, elegant atmosphere.

This creates a fusion of pure nature, elegance, feel and sensuality.

The gentle interplay of sensual colours and elegant gloss-matt effects highlight the natural flair of the collection. The leaf and floral motifs use exquisite colour gradients to transform your room. A cleverly flowing wave motif creates a captivating shimmer and expertly puts your walls in the spotlight. The large selection of exquisite solids captivates the eye with powdery natural tones, magical rusty rose, dark jade or mystical graphite black.

Until: 2022  |  Content: 29 hot embossed non woven wallpapers

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