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Glamorous, natural and expressive. Those are the currently trending Instawalls themes, and they could not be any more contrasting. Yet even so, all these trends are united by a pure passion for home living, whether that means retro glamour, Nordic calm or striking style.

 #artdeco is clearly one of the most important new home living trends at the glamorous end of the range. With gleaming gold, fine velvet, silk, brocade and luxurious marble, '20s opulence is coming to the fore among the interior trends.

Motifs that fall under the #poeticnature heading, meanwhile, have a Nordic, gentle, yet still expressive feel.

They envelop the walls like a cool summer breeze, their poetic, weightless designs showing delicate boughs and authentic birch tree trunks. The predominantly pale, natural shades add light to the room to create a relaxed living atmosphere.

Finally, the #excitingjourney theme is characterised by eye-catching statement wallpapers that bring a wow effect to any wall. This is definitely a case of "MORE is MORE". The designs are an excellent way to give centre stage to individual walls.

Until:  -  | Material: Hot-embossed non-woven  wallpapers  | Contents: 40 wallpapers

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