Fashion for Walls 3

Guido’s latest wallpaper designs: infinite creativity and pure luxury

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Germany's star designer, Guido Maria Kretschmer, presents a further new edition to his “Fashion for Walls” designer collection. With his eye for the unusual, he has once again created fascinating wall designs that will enhance and enchant any room. As always, his themes are diverse and multifaceted, and yet they bear Guido’s quite special, sophisticated signature.

The highlight of his new collection is the DIAMOND design. The walls look like they are vibrating, and the dimensions change as the motif sets completely new 3-dimensional standards. Spectacular, graphic effects create the illusion of transformation. Clear and dynamic, bright and vibrant. For an interior style full of superlatives.

Luxury and pure glamour combined with reducing everything down to the essentials — that’s the promise of the JAPANDI design. Exotic-looking fan motifs interlock seamlessly, giving the room an Asian ambience. The gloss effect becomes more or less emphasized according to the angle of observation, creating a very lively appearance.

Walls make a grand entrance with the DUNES design. Everything seems to be in motion. Shape, colour and sheen merge together, creating a lively, dynamic spatial effect. The mystical shades give the design additional depth and create the perfect balance between elegance and eccentricity.

The ROCK design that lies so close to Guido’s heart is a successful combination of natural themes and luxury. The masterfully designed interplay of shape and sophisticated shimmering effects creates a stylish mural. You can sense the designer’s desire to create a reinterpretation of Industrial Glamour.

Through the intricately executed metallic finish, the generous palm leaves of the MARBELLA design unfold a limitless wealth of diversity on the wall. An impressively carved-out interplay of light and shade adds even more excitement and intensity. The leaves appear to almost sway in the wind, giving each room a wonderfully sensual aura.

Passion for design is also tangible in the last motif of the new Fashion for Walls range — MILLENIUM. Like fireworks, the design varies from subtly understated to breathtakingly beautiful. Delicate shimmering effects and the finest lines magically draw the eye, creating a homely and harmonious sense of space.

Coordinated plain colours with a fine sheen also complete this new series and underline the exclusive character of this designer collection by Guido Maria Kretschmer.

Runtime 12/2024 Material: high-quality, hot-embossed, paste the wall wallcoverings Contents: 52 wallpapers

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