Code Nature

Nordic clarity and Japanese minimalism combined

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Who doesn't love the fresh style and look of Scandinavia? Or what about a trip to Asia? Our new wallpaper collection CODE NATURE merges the smart shades of mint and grey denim inspired by the lightness of the Scandinavian way of life with the softly structured colours and designs of Japandi style.

Beautifully curved grasses as only the wind can create characterise the PAPYRUS design; a harmonious colour ensemble of greige and sand or, for a slightly more expressive look, in light petrol and mint green. The graphically puristic line design CODEC is evocative of fine wood and bamboo sticks. It adheres to a clear and strict order, like a "code key", yet nevertheless provides a fine dose of vitality.

The PALISANDER design, in which light woods are interwoven diagonally in a decorative diamond pattern, creates fabulous wall screens. Natural elegance meets Far Eastern Japandi style.

As if from another age, the ARABESKE design shimmers in a stunning faded patina look and is completed with decoratively curved gold and silver lines. 

This vintage character which appears to have "fallen out of time" produces a particularly sensual living ambience.

Three natural plain textures, adapted from paper fiber and natural stones, make the ideal finishing touches to this charming collection. They highlight the timeless understatement and, in their elegant restraint, form the ideal setting for Japanese or Nordic living spaces full of silence, relaxation and inspiration.

The CODE NATURE wallpaper designs together with wooden, rattan and bamboo furniture transform any interior into an Asian living space. Light maple and birch furniture create contrasting modern Scandinavian highlights.

In short, this collection from Erismann stuns with its natural elegance and optimistic beauty without being either boring or brash.

It comprises a total of 42 hot embossed paste the wall and has a run time of up to 12/2024. The RRP is between € 30.95 and 33.95.

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