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“ART EDITION ... it’s more than wallpaper; it’s art on your wall”

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ART EDITION means digital photo wallpaper designs on a top-quality non-woven backing with a deluxe fabric look or breathtaking metallic effects. With 16 unusual designs in 27 colours and 49 sizes, there’s a favourite mural for everyone. From modern graphic motifs with spectacular 3D effects to romantic floral patterns and expressive paintings, the collection features designs that add the wow factor to any room. 

ART EDITION means that Guido has captured special moments on wallpaper, creating moods you can take home with you and soon make part of your own life. For anyone looking for something really special! 

Guido even has his own personal story to tell about some of the designs:

“AVEC PLAISIR – that's what you say in France to mean that something’s really lovely and a real pleasure to you – and this image is a great pleasure to me. It reminds me of France; of Arles, of all those wonderful evenings. These are the landscapes that lie beyond the lavender fields. I like the fact that it’s reminiscent of an old château. It can be combined really well with something modern. This is going to be the wallpaper I use in my bedroom, in front of a very modern bed with modern lighting, and it’s such a pleasure to me. It shows the connection between old and new; between yesterday and today. I hope all the art lovers have a lot of fun with AVEC PLAISIR.”

DUNE WHISPERS – “... this is exactly what I often see from my house on the North 

Sea coast, on the island of Sylt. When I’m there, I love walking through the dunes, feeling the sand between my toes and hearing the wind whisper through this lovely grass...I really love it; it’s a great piece to combine with decorations ... especially a stunning dining room, but also for your living room with a couch in front of it. It’s like you’ve brought a bit of that vitality back home with you. It’s that transition between the land and the water; it’s always lovely, at any time of year.”

A DAY BY THE SEA – “… a wonderful depiction combining nature and people in very subtle hues. We’ve done it in two colours, and you are just going to love it, as it exudes incredible calm. It will remind you of those days by the sea when you lose track of whether the day is starting or ending. You just want to stay there forever. It’s great to share that experience with others. And I think this wallpaper is very powerful; it can be wonderfully incorporated into any interior, and I wish you a lot of fun with A DAY BY THE SEA.”

CRANES – “... a wonderful wall installation that I simply called CRANES ... I have been lucky enough to live in places where these birds live .... They migrate in flocks and make a lot of noise: you always hear them when they stop for a rest, and there’s hardly any other bird that’s so beautiful and so perfect in combination. I think this image brings together art and peace and longing and lots of different things, and I’m sure you’ll get a great night’s sleep with it ... and I’m also sure you’ll love this image forever...”

The collection will be available in store from January 2022. It offers you 49 high-quality digital non-woven photo wallpaper designs in a wide variety of colours and sizes, dimensions of 2 to 4 metres in width and a height of 2.70 metres; you’ll soon find the right picture to suit any wall. 

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