Wallpaper trends for 2016

Wallpaper trends are influenced by many factors. The general lifestyle, for instance, as well as interior design flows and the current fashion industry all play a large part in it. A number of tendencies can also be identified for 2016.

One overriding key word for 2016 is definitely "cosiness".

Comfortable, cosy and natural

"Natural living", one of the current major trends, will also continue to be important in 2016. Colours and shapes of and in wallpapers will be just as important as furniture and accessories in natural materials. Harmony, calm and slowing down are the main themes of this home living trend that also focuses on floral themes (as well as others).

Wohnzimmer mit Tapeten aus der Kollektion FAME in Naturfarben

Designs such as blossoms and tendrils, leaves and ferns, are becoming lighter and more romantic. However, washed-out, patinated wood, concrete looks and stone motifs are no less important. They are complemented by leather, tree bark and linen textures. These motifs are particularly homely in combination with warm shades and light wood furniture.

Esszimmer mit Tapeten in Malve und Creme Wohnraum mit Retro-Tapeten in Mint und Beige



With this home living look, there is a particular focus on light and earthy natural shades. Ochre, sand, mother-of-pearl, sepia, ivory, ginger, sandalwood or sienna. Washed-out shades of blue match this trend, light and airy with a pastel touch such as aqua and peppermint. All in all, this trend brings relaxed colours with a hint of luxuriousness that transforms rooms into sensuous, introverted and exquisite living worlds.

Tapete in hellem Taupe mit modernem Ornament Tapete Fame in Beige Uni Tapete Fame in Beige mit Blütenknospen

Ethnic and folklore

Tapetenmuster Ethno-Look in Blau Tapetenmuster Ethno-Look in Silber-Grau Still on the advance: ethnic and folklore. The charm of the exotic combined with original traditions and craftsmanship create cosiness and aesthetic appeal. Whether traditional patterns from India, Africa, the Balkans or the Orient, the motifs all prove to be extremely adaptable. Ethnic-look wallpapers not only go well with a vintage or natural living style, but they also add an especially individual touch even to puristic interiors.

Wohnraum mit dunkler Ethno-Tapete, schwarze Kommode, Kelo-Pouff Modernes Wohnzimmer mit Tapeten in hellem Blau-Grau Tapete im Ethno-Style mit Rautenmuster in Gold, Beistelltisch, altes Radio

The basic colours of this style are shades of earth and sludge. Gold, rust, a warm orange and red berries set the tone. Dark wood furniture, woven baskets, chunky knits and hand-woven carpets can be combined with brightly-coloured accessories such as pottery ceramics and patchwork covers to create clever contrasts.

Farbpalette Trendfarben 2016 Etno-Look



The trend for metallics, which started its triumphal march in 2015 with shiny copper, will continue next year. As well as copper, there will be more gold, silver and bronze. These shades accentuate the walls, but are developing away from an extreme high gloss to a silky-matt elegance. Metallic effects are seen in all the style directions, in playful floral motifs as much as in clear graphic patterns, as tiny accents and as a comprehensive wall theme.

Elegantes Wohnzimmer mit moderner Tapete im Metallic-Look und Dreieck-Grafik Moderne Grafiktapete mit Dreiecken in Metallik-Effekt


New in 2016: patterns with blurred edges, soft transitions and watercolour-like colour gradients. Motifs have the effect of paintings; colours blend with each other tone-in-tone, conjuring up individual wall designs. The looks become particularly romantic with floral motifs in berry shades, by contrast becoming fresh and lively in blue-green hues. In this style, graphic patterns metamorphose into organic shapes. Everything looks a little livelier, more natural, and above all cosy.